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What should I buy for a colleague going on maternity leave?

What should I buy a colleague who's going on maternity leave? // Bespoke create-your-own gift hampers

The bump has grown, the big day is rapidly approaching, the money has been collected and the card signed by the team – but what do you buy for the expectant parent about to head off on maternity leave? All too often it’s a case of generic pink, blue, or yellow gift sets with the obligatory fluffy teddy. I’m not saying that some of them aren’t cute, but I once wrote a blog post which included how fluffy teddies had invaded our home on the birth of our first baby..!One of the driving forces behind setting up Apples & Pips was the desire to bring together the best, most beautiful, and most useful products that I have used and loved since becoming a parent. Sell fantastic products, raise money for charities, develop my own products, and put together gorgeous bespoke gift sets and hampers for parents-to-be, babies, parents, and people going through IVF.

So back to that mum-to-be on your team at work, what should you get for her?

Start with a few questions:

  • What are her tastes: Hot drinks? Cute clothing? Bold jewellery? Eco-friendly products? Bright or pale colours?
  • What is your budget?
  • What time of year is the baby due?

These answers can help you to create a truly bespoke gift hamper filled with things that the parents-to-be will actually love! It could be an organic selection with a cotton muslin swaddle, coconut oil, baby leggings, a relaxing candle. It could be a breastfeeding package, it could be all about mama with a Gratitude Journal, hand-designed mug, flapjack, a candle, and a baby-friendly necklace. For a winter baby, how about an organic sleepsuit, luxurious pram blanket, and some antioxidant tea to go in mum’s new mug?

The joy of creating a hamper yourself is that the options are virtually endless! Any budget, any tastes, any time – you chose the products and I put them together.

What should I buy a colleague who's going on maternity leave? // Bespoke create-your-own gift hampers

Once the baby is born

If you’re close enough to the new parents to pay them a visit once they’re ready, then I can highly recommend taking a home-cooked meal or two with you. They will love you for that! Get your own cuppa and make one for mama (and her partner!) while you’re there, tell them in advance to not even think about getting the house ‘guest ready’ because that does not matter.

If you’re not going to pay them a visit, then maybe a quick text to see how they’re getting on and ask if they need anything. Small gestures go a long way, because while those newborn days are beautiful, they’re also relentless and really tough at times.

What should I buy a colleague who's going on maternity leave? // Bespoke create-your-own gift hampers

Any questions?

Sometimes the sheer amount of choice can be a bit daunting, especially if you’ve not used the products yourself before! I have used every single product I sell, I know them well, and I am always on hand to answer any questions. If you’d like, I can also find out the answers to those questions above and create the gift set for you, delivering it anywhere in the UK.