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Best Unique Gifts for a New Mum

Best Unique Gifts for a New Mum

With an abundance of choices when it comes to buying a gift for a new mum, it can be hard to figure out what they will actually use and love – especially if you’re not a parent yourself or haven’t had a newborn in a while. I don’t do generic, so if you are looking for a unique gift for a new mum then look no further, here’s your guide to the best of the best!

Create Your Own Gift Hamper

You know what this new mum likes, so instead of being restricted by pre-determined hampers why not pick and choose exactly what you would like to put into the hamper for her? You can pop bits in for baby too, or just make it all about mummy!

‘On This Day’ Photo Gifts

When one of my friends had her first baby, I went out and took a photo of the sunrise on the day he was born (it was a planned section so I knew when to go and snap it!) then had a photo block made with the image. You could take a picture of anything from that day really, and maybe even have it inscribed with baby’s name, date of birth, and weight.

Best Unique Gifts for a New Mum - On This Day photo gift

Mum’s Back

My good friend Sally has created a brilliant selection of gift sets at Mum’s Back, full of the treats that aren’t allowed during pregnancy! Think alcohol, fancy cheeses, pate – all packaged up beautifully with optional extras available.

Best Unique Gifts for a New Mum - Mum's Back


If you’re nearby then make sure you take a home-cooked meal round when you visit! Not very local to the new family? Then vouchers for a home delivery service like Everdine or Cook would be a very welcome gift, I’m sure – I know these things made all the difference to me as a new mum.

Best Unique Gifts for a New Mum - Home cooked food

Teacup Doodles

Toria is a talented lady, who makes lovely family drawings at Teacup Doodles, that can include anyone – even the beloved family pet. I think that these are gorgeous gifts for a multitude of occasions, but absolutely perfect for welcoming a new arrival to the world.

Best Unique Gifts for a New Mum - Teacup Doodles

Offer Your Time

It could be in a day, a week, a month, a year, but let her know that when she’s ready, you will look after baby for a while so that she can have a massage, get a haircut, go for a date with her partner, or just sleep! Make sure she knows you mean it too, and every so often just remind her that the offer is there, because I know I’m not just talking for myself when I say how bad we are at saying “Yes please, I really need a bit of a break.”

Best Unique Gifts for a New Mum - Time

Best Unique Gifts for a New Mum - Time

These are just a few ideas, but in my experience as a mum-of-two, they’re the things I genuinely loved receiving when I had my babies. I’d love to hear what your favourite gifts were, or what you buy for new mums in those early days!